Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors
These are the stores in Perth that frequently receive our custom, and quite often provide us with the prizes for quiz-night and Charity Vigil.

White Dwarf Books – Wellington St, Perth, near the cactus
A source of helpful insights into the world of Science Fiction and Fantasy, particularly if
you ask the staff (or customers) for advice.
White Dwarf offer a 10% discount to members

Stefen’s Books – 8 Shafto Lane, Perth
Frequent sponsor of our quiz nights and known to occasionally donate books, Stefen’s will
help nurture your love of books and all you need to do is visit it once in a while. Make
sure you have plenty of time & money to spare. Conversations with Stefen can last hours.
Stefen offers a 10% discount to members

Comic Zone – Downstairs, 81 Barrack St, Perth
Liberally filled with comics and graphic novels, it is your task to thin their numbers.

Quality Comics – Downstairs, 872 Hay St, Perth
Smaller selection than Comic Zone but with a selection of manga and art books too.

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