Mailing List

The mailing list is how we get our more important information out to club members, and it is recommended that you’re subscribed to at least one of them (generally Announce). They come in two flavours:

  • The normal list, which you can use to discuss various club-related things (though facebook is more popular these days). Or;
  • The Announce list, which is used to only broadcast important messages about events, policies and meeting minutes.

Joining is easy! Using the email address you intend to use to send and receive mail from the list, send a message to:  or

with a message body of “subscribe”, to get on the regular and unleaded lists, respectively. To unsubscribe, send to the same address, but with the body comprising only of “unsubscribe”. If you’re having trouble trying to subscribe or unsubscribe, try turning off html-formatted email.

You can also subscribe using the web interface here which additionally provides access to the list archives (which are kind of empty).

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