These are the events we run either annually, or relatively often, or whenever someone gets around to it.
Unceremoniously ripped from the 2014 Fresher Guide.

Fresher Welcome 
Fresher welcome is the first official UniSFA event where you will get to meet old and new members of the club as well as your fellow freshers. There will probably be some sort of pizza provided and everyone loves pizza!

Annual General Meeting
This is where we hold elections for committee members, including the president, vice president, treasurer, sexytary, librarian, OCM and the Fresher rep. Every official member of the club is welcome to this event and can even vote! (the voting system actually works quite well… better than the Senate voting system anyway…)

Easter Picnic (Weekend after Easter)
Picnic and easter egg hunt, because who doesn’t like nature and chocolate. A nice change of scenery from the clubroom is always good!

UniSFA/ UCC/ Unigames Quiz Night (1st May, still subject to change)
A joint event run by the three clubs above with prizes generously donated by our lovely sponsors. This event is held in the UWA tavern in first semester and is therefore only for members that are 18+.

Cameron Hall Charity Vigil (study break Semester 2)
The Cameron hall clubs come together to support a selected charity by staying awake in Cameron hall overnight! Each of the Different clubs hold different events in their club rooms, such as screenings, N64 competitions, a LAN and tabletop gaming. Sleeping is banned on campus though, so you do actually have to stay awake for this event.

Hobbit’s Picnic (a weekend near the 22nd September)
Similar to the Easter picnic event except instead of an Easter egg hunt, there is a hairy feet competition. So actually it’s quite different, but we still go outside. The picnic is a celebration of Bilbo & Frodo Baggins’ Birthdays and is held around the 22nd
of September.

Book Club
We have a book club! It doesn’t meet very often and I’m not entirely sure they discuss books, but we still have one. Or at least we did.

Screenings are run on most days of semester, after around 6pm and are held by members of both committee and CCC (as they can hold the room open). What is screened changes quite a bit and there is always a good variety. Look to the whiteboard within the clubroom to see what is being screened when.

Committee Meetings
Normally at a set time weekly, These are held so that the club can continue to run smoothly and so committee members can feel like they are doing stuff. It is generally best to be quiet during these meetings, as they are an important part of running the club and the sooner they are over the quicker you can get back to being loud.

Sponsor Crawls
These occur sporadically throughout the year, involving a group of UniSFAns trekking around the CBD, hunting for science fiction and fantasy literature, both novel and comic. We have also used this to help scour out books & GNs for the club’s library as well as our own individual collections.

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