AGM 2014

AGM 2014

From the facebook page:

Time for our annual general meeting! This is the time we’ll elect the committee for 2014. This year we’ll also be voting on a number of club issues:
– Whether to hold Terracon this year
– Whether to remain affiliated with PAC
– Whether we should change club rules to allow for GNs/comics being removed from the clubroom
Amendments to the constitution to
* Include votes of confidence
* Include votes of no confidence
* Add the duty of supervising event coordination to the Vice President’s role
* Fix some errors

The clubroom will be closed for the duration of the meeting. If you don’t know where the Guild Council Meeting Room is prior to the meeting, go to the clubroom and follow everyone else.

The Guild Events Officer, Chloe, will be attending to help answer any questions you have regarding how Terracon would need to be organised this year.

Please provide proxy nominations and votes for the election to Georgia Collins( by 5PM on Thursday the 6th of March. These can only be specific votes and nominations for the elections NOT the motions.
If you allocate a person (other than Georgia) your proxy vote please remember
– Any ordinary member can only hold one proxy vote
– They have a signed declaration giving them your vote, to show the returning officers, indicating any nominations you wish to make
– The declaration has to also have been witnessed by a member of committee
– Proxies can vote on motions as well as in elections on your behalf. This can be otherwise indicated in the declaration.

Agenda for the meeting
1. Terracon
2. PAC affiliation
3. GNs
4. Constitutional Amendments
5. Committee Reports
5.1. President – Nic Browning
5.2. Vice President – Alice McCullagh
5.3. Secretary – Georgia Collins
5.4. Treasurer – Laura Hodge
5.5. Librarian – Matthew Winslade
5.6. OCM – Leah Chappell
5.7. OCM – Steven Correia
5.8. OCM – George Edwards
5.9. Fresher Rep – Blair Johnson
6. Election of 2014 Committee
6.1. Election of Returning Officers (2)
6.2. Suspension of Standing Orders
6.3. President
6.4. Vice President
6.5. Secretary
6.6. Treasurer
6.7. Librarian
6.8. OCMs (3)
6.9. Fresher Rep
6.10. Standing Orders Reinstated
7. General Business