About Us

“UniSFA is the place to be to discuss your favourite sci-fi/fantasy series, films, games, webcomics and occasionally even books. Also features general hanging out in the clubroom, several weekly screenings, and a large private library.” – UWA Guild Diary 2014

We’re a club at UWA that has a clubroom filled with couches and walls lined with sci-fi and fantasy novels. We talk about these things and have events for our current members, past members and friends of the club.

These include screenings of TV shows and movies in our clubroom, picnics, quiz nights and group shopping trips to our sponsors.

Our objectives as a club, according to our constitution, are as follows:

  • To encourage and facilitate science-fiction and fantasy in all its forms within the University of Western Australia
  • To encourage and promote cooperation between the club and other affiliated societies representative of the University’s interests
  • To encourage and promote cooperation between the club and other community-based organisations
  • To encourage the advancement of members of the club

Should you want to contact committee you can email us at unisfa-committee@ucc.guild.uwa.edu.au or contact us individually on Facebook.

Also, feel free to join discussions on our forums page at http://unisfa.ucc.asn.au/forums

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